First post!

I needed to get this site up and going, to populate it with things that don’t compete with a sister blog, No point in repeating everything. Unless you are government or military, but I digress.

Being able to get through tough situations beyond your control is kinda important. I don’t care how you tough it out, just be smart about it. Some folks like to prepare, and that is a good thing. Some folks don’t believe anything bad can ever happen. Uh, whoops. Wrong process of thought. Shit can happen, and does.

Using the Zombie Apocalypse as a metaphor; in reality, just be prepared. Food, water, shelter, smarts. Shit will happen. It doesn’t matter what form; it will happen. It doesn’t need to be a disaster or chaos-filled, world changing event. It might just be 48-96 hours without power. Or heat. Or running water.. What about your 70 year old neighbour? What about your family? Remember the Ice Storm of 1998? Only the old school heating systems worked, give or take. Don’t be caught short.

Next up:SHTF.

It’s not if, but when – Creek Stewart

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3 thoughts on “First post!

  1. Shirley

    Just to let you know you are a perfect fit for Lanark County & I love your blog.


  2. Dan Climo

    Hey bud, Im your neighbour up in Renfrew County. Love your blog.


  3. Cheers, Dan. More to come; just getting back into the swing of it!


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