About Me. And other shit.

I’m a Luddite. Plain and simple things work best, for me. Plain and simple. Yes, I have a penis, but that does not mean I can rebuild a car engine, frame a house, program a computer/design a web page or build a server. I like things, the simpler, the better. Tech has a place, but for me, it’s not the be all / end all. Common television annoys me. I like things that make me think. Books rock.

Having said that however, I have skills, tolerances, abilities (can build an entire second floor of Ikea furniture in under 24 Heineken). I can chop wood without losing a digit or limb. So far. I can for some reason, understand how pallet up-cycling works, and make a deck and other workable items from them.

I will share my partner’s blog with you; why not? If you are reading this you are probably reading hers as well. We love simplifying our lives, and a little slice of land out in the country makes it possible. Visit her blog; it’s quite good. http://www.tinycabinbigdreams.com

I have a penchant for my club, of which I am merely a cog in; Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

I support Reduce, Reuse, Rescue.

Be polite to everyone you meet, but always have a plan to secure your family and friends in case of of any disaster, either man-made or natural.

I hope that something; anything in this blog helps if it comes to that.

Except the restaurant reviews. Those are the express beliefs and opinions of my dog, Reagan. As he lacks opposable thumbs, he’s probably a bit dodgy. Just saying.

Without People, You’re Nothing.

 – Joe Strummer

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One thought on “About Me. And other shit.

  1. Bruce & Shirley Anne Brousseau

    Love reading all about all the adventures the three of you are having.


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