Reagan On The Road ( Feasting in Split, 2015)


I’m Boo

Hello, again! It’s me, Reagan! You know, the handsome-as-hell Bassador, regaling you with tails of food, frolic and adventure whilst travelling (mostly food, to be honest). I left off last time with details of a wonderful meal in Zagreb, Croatia. I pick up the tale, the next day, (21-22 Dec 2015) where we had our first meals in Split. Don’t get me wrong, Lady and I (we left the old man back in Canada, at a lovely kennel) had some munchies here and there, picked up some staples from the grocery store, had a drink or two on the main promenade in Split, but we really needed sleep. So we did. The next day, however, we had sights to see and food to sample! So we did!


Whole Latte Love!

After sight-seeing, Lattes, and pointing out parts of Split to Lady (I was here on R&R during the latter part of the Balkan war), we needed solid food. Something that Lady could eat, as she has a Gluten intolerance (no wheat, rye, barley, oats or spelt). I also have an egg intolerance. That, and what self-respecting Dog would eat a mushroom? Seriously!!??!?




We found exactly what we needed inside the walls of the Diocletian Palace.


One of many entrance to the Diocletian Palace in Split.

What’s not to love about Cafe-Bistro NoStress??                                                                             It’s all there in the name!


Cafe-Bistro NoStress, Split, Croatia.

After explaining the food allergies to the wicked waiter, who let me sit at the big people table instead of on the ground, we ordered wine and a starter. Who doesn’t love red wine and a meat/cheese platter (charcuterie board)? I mean, other than Vegan folk?

While we sipped and nibbled, Lady plotted out our further adventures. I would have helped, but I lack opposable thumbs and to be honest, English isn’t my strong point. Howling and sniffing are where my skills lie.


A wonderful view of a square in the Palace, from the Bistro NoStress.

That and I kept getting off the chair to piddle and sniff other dogs. Hey, when in Rome, right?

Our lunches came, Cabbage Rolls for me, and Lady had homemade sausage and sauerkraut.

We chatted, Lady plotted, she rubbed my belly a few times, then it was off for more sight-seeing, a nap for us, then out to soak up some night life and have dinner…but that’s another story!

More to follow. just be patient. I can’t use the computer when the old man is around. He gets weird. No idea why.

For more travel details, check out the blog Lady writes, Steph The Wayward Pilgrim.


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One thought on “Reagan On The Road ( Feasting in Split, 2015)

  1. Wendy Saunders

    Looks and sounds delightful. Thanks, Reagan, once again for your grand tale (tail?….


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