A day at the cabin (part 2) FIRE!!!

After some post-lunch chill time, we got down to completing some challenges: making fire. No, not with a lighter or matches. Old School methods: the Ferro Rod and a Flint and Steel kit.

Every other month, I receive the APOCABOX


2 of my 3 boxes (so far)!

from Creek Stewart. Creek is a Survival Instructor, Survival Host and author, as well as running the Willow Haven Outdoor center in central Indiana. Just FYI, I’ve never met him and have no affiliation with him, except to receive the box I mentioned earlier.

There are literally hundreds of subscription boxes out there, but  we can’t get a lot of them in Canada. Why not? They include firearms parts and accessories which are mostly restricted here.

Besides, when SHTF, and batteries run out, lighters die and gasoline gets extremely scarce, how do you plan to stay warm, build a shelter and feed your family? Trust me, having the upper receiver for a weapon you can’t legally own, or a thirty round magazine will not help you.

On the other hand, good old fashioned knowledge and know how will get you a lot further along.


Flint and Steel, Ferro Rod

This month’s APOCABOX (February 2017) is titled IGNIS, and is all about fire making. The December 2016 box was titled TAIGA, and was based on Russian trappers and hunters, and featured the tools and kit they use to hunt and survive (it even included a non-commercial trapping hatchet, based on Russian design). Pretty cool, USABLE gear in every box.

We started out by me finding, then clearing out the fire pit while somebody stayed warm and cozy in the cabin, reading in her Adirondack chair. How did that happen?


It’s cold out, and there are Eastern Coyotes after me!

Next, we charred the char rope (furniture piping from a craft store) that came in the Flint and Steel kit, in our cook stove.



Charring the char rope

Neither of us had done this before, and I admit, I think I cocked it up a bit by opening the tin to look at it, which made it far more brittle and less likely to catch fire. It was the same colour as depicted in the demonstration video, but not as robust. I now know for next time.

With the Ferro Rod, all we had to do was scrape the black matte covering off before striking. In the early 1900’s, the  Ferro Rod was created by an Austrian inventor, while percussion fire-starting has been around since the dawn of time. From the Iron Age forward, Flint and Steel (until matches and lighters) was the most common method of creating sparks.

I was going to upload videos of this fun, but I’m using the basic (free) package, which does not support videos. Don’t worry; if you want to watch us light fires, you can see them on  my YouTube Channel. It’s brand new, and will deal with things talked about on this blog.

Stay safe, stay tuned, and most of all, get out there! Adventure Awaits!!!!!!


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Hunting, Sustenance, & Fair Play

My partner and I like meat. Rare Beef, Bison, Duck, Moose, Elk, Boar, Goat, Lamb, Pig, Fish (mostly just Whitefish / Cod, Haddock, Pollock, PC Shrimp,  for me. Think Fish n’ Chips in England. My partner likes other kinds. You know; the fishy kind. Weird).

We know that not everyone is into that. It’s all good. Eat and be well; make the best choices you can.

Neither of us hunt for sport or sustenance. I have experience hunting two-legged animals that are a threat to my Country and my team-mates. Different thing all together.

I believe I could hunt for sustenance; providing for my family. It doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it. What happens if I only injure the animal? (Yes, I know, I know. I’m just throwing out a “what if” / movement / wind / scent / scare, changes everything at the very last second, as my breathing slows, my finger warms and begins the caressing squeeze, sound ends, and we become one). I know what happens. I follow, and provide peace, with many apologies, learn how not to have this happen again. And then I cry. because they cry, feel pain and loss.

What happens when people become too damn lazy to provide sustenance to their families? When they want to increase the coin in the pocket? To interfere with science and progression of knowledge? To “hunt” without actually hunting?

You get this:

Are scientists unwittingly revealing animal locations to hunters?

Sad. Be one with one another.

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