Hunting, Sustenance, & Fair Play

My partner and I like meat. Rare Beef, Bison, Duck, Moose, Elk, Boar, Goat, Lamb, Pig, Fish (mostly just Whitefish / Cod, Haddock, Pollock, PC Shrimp, ¬†for me. Think Fish n’ Chips in England. My partner likes other kinds. You know; the fishy kind. Weird).

We know that not everyone is into that. It’s all good. Eat and be well; make the best choices you can.

Neither of us hunt for sport or sustenance. I have experience hunting two-legged animals that are a threat to my Country and my team-mates. Different thing all together.

I believe I could hunt for sustenance; providing for my family. It doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it. What happens if I only injure the animal? (Yes, I know, I know. I’m just throwing out a “what if” / movement / wind / scent / scare, changes everything at the very last second, as my breathing slows, my finger warms and begins the caressing squeeze, sound ends, and we become one). I know what happens. I follow, and provide peace, with many apologies, learn how not to have this happen again. And then I cry. because they cry, feel pain and loss.

What happens when people become too damn lazy to provide sustenance to their families? When they want to increase the coin in the pocket? To interfere with science and progression of knowledge? To “hunt” without actually hunting?

You get this:

Are scientists unwittingly revealing animal locations to hunters?

Sad. Be one with one another.

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