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Dehydrating Yogurt. Seriously.

So, we had chatted about a dehydrator for a while. Made sense. Went and checked them out at Cabela’s in Ottawa, not knowing much more than we had Googled. We lucked out. The staff member we spoke to in that department owns a dehydrator (either that or she talks a damn good game, but we suspect she actually owns one). Zero-pressure to buy. All questions and weird-Harold queries were answered.

We learned that a very popular thing to dehydrate is yogurt. Yeah, you heard me. That stuff. Sunday morning breakfast, mixed with granola or trail mix. That Stuff. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really cotton to the idea, but smiled and nodded. My partner, on the other hand……she was all over it like a hiker on a mountain in the ADK ’46 range. Which she is. Oh, and she has completed all of them, and is currently working on the Saranac 6. And travelling the world between romps in NY State. You can read more about her here:

Turns out, as common sense would dictate, that taking yogurt out for a walk in the middle of July or late January does not usually work out. It either goes off due to heat or freezes; leaving it as dead weight in your pack. And you don’t want to carry more than you need. You also really don’t want to eat spoiled or frozen dairy due to the result of you having a bad episode of gut rot, or worse, the squirts. While on a mountain. In the high heat of July. Or the other one, the low lows of January. On a mountain. You get the drift, especially if you are a lover of grand trails, the outdoors, survival, homesteading, Military or living off-grid. You can read more about our travels off grid here: I digress.


Before, 2 of 4 trays.

I cracked the tub of yogurt and spread it out over parchment paper, put it on the racks and slapped it in the dehydrator. There are literally thousands of variations on dehydrating yogurt, but I went with the simplest one: Spread it thinly on parchment paper, dehydrate for 4-6 hours (depending on which guide you follow and at which temperature you choose per the guide), and flip it off the parchment paper for the last hour or two.


After, bark

I didn’t know what to expect exactly; either fruit leather (like a fruit roll-up), or fruit bark (paper thin, fragile and crumbly). We got the latter, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The only drawback is that you have to put it in a solid plastic container (or something like that) instead of a plastic sandwich bag (to prevent it becoming powder in your pack).

Turns out, it’s pretty good, if a bit sweet for my tastes (I prefer plain, thick yogurt, where I can add what I want and control the extra chemicals and sugars, to a degree, going in). This is another item we will be doing more of in the future.


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