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Food! OMG OMG OMG!! I LOVE Food! And sleeping. And protecting my pack from squirrels!


Your host, squirrel fighter and guide to great eats everywhere. And snoofles. You may call me Boo.

Hello. For those of you who don’t know me (your loss), I’m Reagan. While it’s obvious I am a dog, let me assure you that I am the most handsome 10 year old Bassador out there. I’ve been with my papa for that whole time (he rescued me, and we’ve had grand adventures), and with Lady for 8 years.

My contribution to this wee Blog is simple. I’m going to review places where we eat. Don’t worry, as I am a master of disguise, and no-one ever guesses I shouldn’t be there!  Note: As of the weekend of 4/5 February 2017, all food reviews will be filed under Reagan On The Road. Please enjoy them! First up: Dining in Split, Croatia.

December 21st, 2015: Restoran PLUS ZAGREB. (CROATIA)

Last month, Lady and I left the 40-something (closer to 50 in reality) funny looking kid at the kennel and hopped on a plane to the Balkans. Yup, travel food is even better than local food! We overnighted from Montreal to Zagreb, Croatia and suffered quietly through airplane food (this was better than cardboard, but not by much). We skipped food at the airport (way too similar to gruel), hopped the shuttle from the airport to the main bus terminal to get tickets to Split, and then sought out something decent to nosh on.

Now, don’t forget, Lady has a food allergy; she can’t eat wheat, gluten, rye, barley, etc. That disqualifies her from all the little mom ‘n pop bakery kiosks that are everywhere. Too bad, because Burek is to die for. More on Burek later!

Bus Station Diner

Food; 30 feet from the “Sexy Shop”. Weirdos.

We wandered a bit, and then found a very likely candidate for lunch, a cafeteria-style diner, just up the steps from the “Sexy Shop”. Yes, a porn store at the bus station. Meh.

After checking out the menu, Lady and I chatted with the staff, who wonderfully fiddled with the daily offerings to make sure Lady could have lunch. Viola: 2 chicken breasts (from the grill, never touching the gravy on the steam line), fried cabbage, a regional version of scalloped potatoes and a very simple salad (which included a form of pickled beets). A note; the salads encountered across the region were simple, hearty and served with oil and vinegar dressing. You could actually taste the veggies. Not sure why you would want to. Vegetables are what my food eats, but I digress. Lady raved, so it’s all good.



Food for Lady

Gluten Free!

For myself, the choice was a no-brainer: Cevapi. Food of the gods. It had been almost 12 years since I had this “belly-rub, snoofle and soup-bone”(hey, all heaven to a pupster like me) treat.


Food of the Gods. Kneel!! Hail!!

Cevapi (or Cevapcici) is simple: mixed ground meat (beef, lamb, sometimes pork), spices, grilled to a very warm and moist (juices) state, served on a very fluffy pita-like flatbread known as Somun, with raw white onions, Ajvar (a medium-spicy vegetable paste – which replaces ketchup), a bit of salt and in some locations, with a soft, house-made cheese similar in taste to Buffalo Mozzarella, but with the consistency of thick sour cream or cottage cheese. Heaven on earth. Better than cat litter-box treats! Not by much, but enough!

All this food, including white wine, Orangina, and a Karlovachko beer for 94 Kuna. Which, in real money is $18.62.


November 2015: Rockin’ Johnny’s in Kanata.

Last weekend, I took Lady there for a breakfast treat. We were both up early, for some odd reason, oh yeah, I had to piddle, and it’s not cool if I do it in the house. I donned my disguise-of-the-day (looking like a 40-something guy on crutches with nerd glasses and bad hair) and off we went!

Rockin’ Johnny’s is as you can guess, a throwback to a 1950’s diner, with kitch on the walls and great music. A nice mix of young and old, and the fantastic smell of grease (light, not offensive), spuds, coffee and best of all, meat! You know the kind with many names, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, etc…Papa says it all comes from one single animal, but we all know the old man drinks and he was on pain killers for almost 7 months. I’m calling “bunk” on that one!

Our lovely server Gladys came around, provided coffee and took our orders. Lady and I perused the local newspapers (well, I looked at the pictures, as my English skills are not that great) and chatted while our order was being made. And when it arrived, it was everything I could have wished for!!

THREE kinds of MEAT! Homefries! Toast! Best of all, NO EGGS or silly vegetables. Who eats mushrooms anyway??

Lady had the Johhny Breakfast, with Gluten free toast. Both meals were good old fashioned food, and together with 2 endless cups of coffee (which made me have to piddle again) came to just over 20$ with tip.

Out on a weekend morning, and it’s rainy or windy? Try Rockin’ Johnny’s for solid food and great atmosphere. Give a good nod to the older fella near the back, the gent with the wavy dark hair and Blue Suede Shoes. He deserves it.


The Johnny special!

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